Do I have to drink alcohol to play this game?

  • Absolutely not! We have game modes where you don’t have to drink at all and instead use chips or tokens. The losing player still ends up taking a Frenemy Shot to end the game… which doesn’t need to include alcohol.

Is this game family friendly?

  • Absolutely! Most editions are meant for ages 16+. Please note, we do have some editions specifically intended for the not so innocent which are ages 18+.

What’s included in the box?

  • Original Edition: Deck of 110 cards (20 DRINK cards, 34 GAME cards, 4 GAME OVER cards, 12 FRENEMY RULE cards, 18 GROUP RULE cards & 20 SPECIAL cards), the instructions (not that you’ll need them) and the tuck box itself.
  • NSFW or Retro Edition: Deck of 55 cards (10 DRINK cards, 17 GAME cards, 2 GAME OVER card, 6 FRENEMY RULE cards, 9 GROUP RULE cards & 10 SPECIAL cards), the instructions (not that you’ll need them) and the tuck box itself.

Do I need the Original Edition in order to play the NSFW or Retro Editions?

  • No! Each edition can be played on its own or can be combined together for longer gameplay.

What if I’m pressured to do cards I don’t want to?

  • This game is intended to get you out of your comfort zone and have fun. With that said, you should never feel obligated to do anything you are not comfortable doing.

How is this party game different from the rest?

  • In a word, it’s UNIQUE. There are no duplicates, every single card you receive will be different. Thus, making each game you play different from the last!

How is this drinking game different from the rest?

  • You have a hand of cards to pick from, so you are choosing how you want to sabotage your friends.

What languages is the game available in?

  • Currently the game is only available in English. Please reach out to us if you would like a copy of the game in a specific language. Contact us at admin@drinkswithfrenemies.com.

Where can I buy DRINKS with FRENEMIES™?

  • While we would love to say everywhere, the game is currently available on our site and on Amazon. You can also purchase it directly from us at one of our upcoming events.

How long does it take to learn how to play this game?

  • If you know how to read and how to make decisions, you already know how to play. Game play takes 5 minutes or less to learn.

Why haven’t I heard of this game before?

  • You’ve been looking in the wrong places for us plus our marketing stinks.

Why did you make this?

  • We wanted to make a game that gets you out of your comfort zone. This game gets you thinking, talking, moving and laughing like you’d never imagine you could.

Can I help make your game even better?

  • Sure! We understand that improvements can be made, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you like, as well as what you dislike about the game. Contact us at admin@drinkswithfrenemies.com.

I like the illustrations, did you make them?

  • Thank you! No, we did not. Every illustration was made by Oscar Chico specifically for our ridiculous card games.

How can I purchase DRINKS with FRENEMIES™?

  • You can purchase the game on our site or on Amazon by searching for DRINKS with FRENEMIES. You can also purchase it directly from us by going to one of our upcoming events.

Who should play this game?

  • Original & Retro Edition: Anyone aged 16+ who has a competitive nature and who likes to laugh.
  • NSFW Edition: Anyone aged 18+ who has a competitive nature and who likes to laugh.

Why do I need to play a card game to drink?

  • You don’t need a card game to drink! This game is intended for socializing in a gaming atmosphere that allows people to get out of their comfort zones and most of all have fun!

Who did you use to print your games?

  • We chose these guys…